In August 1974, I was driving by the vast P&LE Gateway Receiving Yard in Youngstown, when I noticed something unusual over at “The Dock”, which was what the P&LE called their engine terminal. I decided to drive in and check it out. I discovered these two Baldwin Sharks, No, 1205 and 1216. A crude “DH” was painted on the sides of each unit. The next day they were moved to the Erie Lackawanna’s Brier Hill yard in Girard, Ohio.

The 1205 and 1216 were originally purchased by the New York Central Railroad. There had been rumors of these locomotives going to the D&H Railroad, and this seemed to confirm it. They did indeed go to the D&H in 1974, where they were used for a few years in freight service.

As of 2020 they are at the Escanaba and Lake Superior railroad in Michigan. This short line railroad is no longer using them, however they do not permit visitors to see or photograph them, nor do they have any plans to preserve or restore them. That’s too bad, because these are truly very historic diesel locomotives.