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A New Book About Steam Locomotive NKP 765


765! A 21st Century Survivor

Fascinating on-the-road stories from Rich Melvin, 765’s Operations Manager and Engineer for 34 years

Just a few of the 22 chapters in the book…

  • The Engines That Saved a Railroad
  • The Born Again 700
  • Our Big Chance
  • The Gentleman From Peoria
  • Mr. Dispatcher, Take A Bow
  • Lima Super Power At Its Best
  • The Lewis Tunnel Incident
  • A Bad Case of “Get-Home-Itis”
  • Masquerading on the C&O
  • Steam…on Horseshoe Curve!
  • Step Into My Office, Please
  • The Future…and The Past
  • 192 pages

  • Wide format “coffee table” book

  • Over 200 photos, most in color, many never before published.

  • A little history of the NKP Berkshire steam locomotives

  • Fascinating stories by Rich Melvin, Retired 765 Engineer

  • Hard Cover – $59.95

  • Soft Cover – $49.95

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